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July 9, 2021
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December 4, 2021
Do you find yourself always trying to negotiate with your child or having to convince him or her to listen to you? You have setup this problem because you are doing just that, negotiating. You have to understand that you are the parent, you are the guide, you are the protector and most importantly, you are the boss. Not the child.

Something as simple as getting a child to leave the house with you, or put his jacket on. Are you asking them to? “We’re going to go to grandmas OK?“ “Can you put your shoes on?” These are all questions in which the child has an option to ignore. And this is the habit that will develop in the child thinking that they have a choice. This leads to tantrums and a cycle of the parent often not realizing that they are negotiating everything with their child. Why are you negotiating with a two year old? Who knows better, you or the child?

Children are naturally inclined to please their parents. So if you are making a big animated game of trying to get them to listen to you, they will continue to resist to watch you play your game. Don’t do that.

If you are constantly struggling to get your child to follow along with you or you are constantly on edge because you never know where your child is going to run off to? It won’t be time for negotiation if the child runs in to the street will it? At which point this could be too late. This is how important it is to get your child to listen and obey you. It is imperatively important that you fulfil your role as a leader, and the child knows his place as a child. Not the opposite.

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