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February 17, 2018
The Do’s And (Please) Don’ts Of Dropping Off Your Kid
April 3, 2018

Sometimes we do things for the simple reason that its because its what our parents did and everyone else does.  When it comes to cleaning your child’s bum after the washroom we use water.  We don’t use wipes, toilet paper or anything else other than water.


Well, when you wash your car after its dirty with mud would you use toilet paper to wipe it off?  Didn’t think so.

Water is in fact the best way to cleanse.  We have seen many bums come to our childcare services, and often they have diaper rashes, irritations etc.  And very quickly they go away after they spend time with us… because we just use water.

Wipes and toilet paper have chemicals that are irritants to young delicate skin.  Feces and urine are never fully wiped away, the mixture of the two is why diaper rashes and skin irritations develop.  Because it leaves residue of both chemicals and feces on the skin.  Washing with water cleans the skin the best and the skin remains healthy.

So don’t be surprised when your kids ask you to wash their bum at home, this is what they get used to in our care.

We also often get asked where to get the attachment we use on our toilets, here it is:  Bidet Toilet Sprayer Set

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