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Why Your Child May not be Ready for Daycare

At our daycare we generally take in children around the two year mark. This is not absolute as we have had children as young as 18 months which have fit in well to the daycare group. And we have had children at 30 months who have not fit in at all.

So what sets one child apart from the other? The main reason for most children not working out is a lack of coping skills. What are a lack of coping skills? The child’s inability to be independent, cope with other children, cope without their parents and cope with other adults who supervise them.

We have a number of articles on our website that give valuable insight to parents on raising their children. But the most common problem which leads to a child’s lack of coping skills, is the parents fault alone.

  • They baby their children too much.
  • They inhibit their development by encouraging baby-like behaviours rather than rewarding their child when they achieve milestones and development.
  • They do not say “no” to their children.
  • They allow their children to dictate terms when they should be the one as parents and guardians who dictate the terms.
  • They do not teach their children to listen, and give in to their tantrums.

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